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Zhejiang Zhongguang Electrical Appliance Group Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2006, is an innovation-driven consumer industry group. The group, with heat pump technology as its core, revolves around the three main demands of health, comfort, and intelligence. Through years of industrial layout and accumulation, it has formed a green technology group covering three major business sectors: healthy and comfortable home living, green renewable energy, and intelligent manufacturing.

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Focused on heat pumps


National patent


R & D Engineer


Energy-saving product certification

Heat pumpGlobal strategy

Applying heat pump technology, restructuring the industry ecology

Integrating global resources, and participating in global competition

Heat Pump+ Product

Heat Pump+ Scenario

Heat Pump+ New Energy

Heat Pump+ Ecology

Six core strategic businesses

The six major strategic business, helping to create a healthy living environment, using technology to create a better new life

Heat pump air conditioning

Zhongguang OUTES heat pump air conditioning efficiently cools in the hot summer, delivering air parallel from top to bottom, and the outlet temperature is more in line with human body sensation, keeping family away from air conditioning disease.

Heat pump air conditioning

Hidden in the room, cold and warm comfort

Heat pump water heater

The Zhongguang Outes air energy heat pump water heater has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, safety, comfort, etc., and can achieve three-dimensional multi-point hot water supply, meeting various life hot water application scenarios, giving you a five-star hotel Comfortable hot water experience!

Heat pump water heater

Start a new life of comfortable hot water

Whole-house water purification

The Zhongguang Outes whole-house water purification system provides safe and healthy domestic and drinking water for your family, meeting the different needs of household water.

Whole-house water purification

Changing the drinking water of 300 million families

Fresh air system

The Kaloni central fresh air system can quickly purify the whole house, efficiently filter PM2.5, and continuously introduce high-oxygen fresh air into the indoor, quickly achieve efficient purification of each room.

Fresh air system

Understand breathing, understand purification

All home intelligent

The Zhongguang Outes full-house smart home operating system changes the way people interact with living spaces, redefining home space management, and starting a life of light luxury and simplicity.

All home intelligent

All home intelligent comfortable top configuration

Smart home appliances

Zhongguang Outes smart home appliances, fulfilling all your imagination for exquisite life.

Smart home appliances

Make life a little more refined

Create a better life with technology

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